The SCW Editor

An editor/generator for single cycle waveforms for hardware, software and samplers.

You can use this editor to create waveforms through warping, distortion, wavemixing and waveskewing. Explore the menus to see the editing, rendering and sample formatting options available.

Important Notes:

Before you use the Single Cycle Waveform editor, please review the following details. By using the software, you explicitly agree to these points:

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Recent Changes:

10-27-2017 : Initial online version
10-28-2017 : Fixed audio playback, updated for resizing canvas
02-09-2018 : Prep for public access
02-12-2018 : Fix for canvas resize
02-25-2018 : IG and TW icons added
03-01-2018 : Added Randomize function
04-01-2018 : Updated to (somewhat) support iOS